Blue-Sky Spirits

This is an ambient/post-rock project. After years of playing nothing but speed metal we had the idea to slow everything down and take out the words. Not the most original idea but a crucial one nonetheless. The result is a space and electronic flavored instrumental project we now know as BSS. We'll be posting vidoes, pics and text-readings of how we made certain songs.

4th Teaser from our upcomming EP. Check it out.

EP Mastering Update

Hello whoever reads these. Sometimes I think that this Tumblr is just my Internet diary but whatever.

Mixing and mastering of our second EP is almost done. 3 out of 5 are totally done, 1 is very close to being mastered, meeting with Trace this weekend to get his opinion on the mix, and 1 track needs some retakes but is coming along slow and steady. Sometimes you get that one song that sounds horrible save for one instrument (the drums) and then you must tear it all down except for the good parts and rebuild from there.

Therefore, my intial deadline of “the end of August” will not be fulfilled, but early September, I’m hoping next week, this EP should be done.

The effort we’d put into this EP was miles greater than our first. So, I’m going to do all that I can to get this EP into all of your digital hands.

Also, within the next six months, Trace and I will begin to reach out and recruit¬†other musicians, singers especially,¬†to begin building Blue-Sky Spirits from a recording project into a full fleged musical collective. Think Broken Social Scene. That’s the goal for the future, if it doesn’t work, we’ll be fine with what we got.

Until then, thank you for reading this and thanks for listening.

Blue-Sky Spirits